3 Things You Must Do BEFORE You Buy Betta Fish!

March 31, 2010

3 Things to Do Before You Buy Betta Fish
By Elizabeth Christopher

I know, I know! You are all fired up and ready to buy betta fish, throw them in a bowl, and revel in their splendor. Well, there will not be that much splendor to revel in if you don’t do a few simple things first. And besides, you can extend your betta’s lifespan simply by following these three basic steps before you rush right out and buy betta fish.

1 – Buy Betta Tank and Supplies First!

People generally buy betta supplies after they have decided to buy a betta fish. They see a beautiful betta in a bowl, get the salesperson over, ask a few questions, and then say, “I’ll take him!”. Then they start asking questions about tank size, food, heaters, filters and everything else they will need. My friend, you will need to buy betta essentials and have your betta tank set up for at least 48 hours before you add your betta. When setting up a new tank, I do not even look at the bettas in stock. I get everything I need to have a happy, healthy betta and head home to set it up and get the water ready. Then, a couple of days later, I go on the hunt for that perfect betta.

2 – Betta Tank Size DOES Matter!

Even though betta fish can live their entire life in one of those tiny betta fish bowls, this will shorten their life dramatically. I can also honestly state that I have seen every fish that I transferred from a tiny bowl to a five or ten gallon betta tank become a whole new fish. Their colors will brighten tremendously. Their personality will develop in its unique way, and you will see a strong, healthy fish that interacts with you happily and daily. And if you ever plan on buying another betta, you can divide a ten gallon tank, thereby not having to purchase a new betta tank. Betta breeding is also made much more successful when you start with a five or ten gallon betta tank.

3 – Heat and Filtrate!

A sponge-type filter is perfect, because it allows good bacteria to develop in the sponge, and they help regulate ammonia levels. And a heater is definitely needed to keep that temperature in a nice 79 to 82 degree range. Make sure you buy betta heaters that have about 2 to 4 watts per gallon of tank size so it can keep up.

Guys, these are just a few steps to get you going in the right direction. Please consult a comprehensive Betta Care Manual for more in-depth explanation.

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Elizabeth Christopher

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