Betta Mating – Betta Breeding 101

Betta mating can be a hit or miss proposition unless you consult a great betta care guide, and do a few things to stack the odds in your favor. There are certain things you can do that will virtually guarantee that your betta mating endeavour is a success.

Betta Care Guide

Let’s take a look at how you can turn your male betta into the Don Juan of the undersea world, and your female fish into an irresistible Marilyn Monroe. Just as a nice dinner, ambience and dancing with someone who interests you greatly increase the odds of intimacy, your betta fish can be gently led to optimum breeding conditions.

1 – Dinner For Two

You can greatly enhance chances of fishy fooling around by increasing the amount of live foods in their diet. This change usually takes about two weeks to work. Hey, no respectable betta female will get busy after one date. Freeze-dried brine shrimp that are thawed out are perfect.

2 – Set The Mood

Everyone likes a cozy, low-light environment for some snuggling, and your aquatic admirers are no different. Betta do not like bright lights and act even more skittish to it when in the mood. Betta temperature should be set at 80 degrees for a cozy love nest. And when setting up a breeding tank, introduce the male betta first, so he can create the love shack of his dreams. Provide him with some floating plant cover for the creation of the bubble nest.

3 – Hit The Dance Floor

When the female is introduced to the betta mating tank, the two potential paramours will check each other out like the last two in a bar at 3 a.m. This does not guarantee anything though, and you will only know everything is copasetic if the male allows the female to approach him. If he allows this, the two lovebirds will then cavort about not unlike two flamenco dancers, and consummate their neptunial nuptials.

(When breeding betta fish, it is also much easier to be successful in your betta mating project if you use two bettas that have been raised together.) Congratulations, you are the perfect match-maker! Now get ready to remove the fry, and start all over. And always to to a great betta care guide when you want to breed betta fish.

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Beth C.

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5 Responses to Betta Mating – Betta Breeding 101

  1. julio says:

    my male betta hasn’t made the nest yet shes inside the tank in a jar but no nest please help

    • Do not Panic, sometimes you do everything right, and he does not nest.

      Give them time, double check what you did, and keep positive.

      I have set the mood perfectly before, and nothing.

      Just do what you can, and wait!

      Beth c.

  2. Ariel Wyatt says:

    I feed my fish the Artificial flakes from Bettamin the one with the dried up little shrimp in them….yea you know the one. But when I first got him one expert suggested that I feed him real food like blood worms.

    Do you find that betta make bigger fish nests if they eat this ‘real food.’

  3. […] a distinctive personality. What works for one betta may not work for the next one. And when your betta mates, all bets are off, and a previous friend can become a foe in your fighting fish’s eyes. […]

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