Betta Temperature Regulation – What is the Magic Number?

Betta Temperature Regulation – What is the Magic Number ?
By Elizabeth Christopher

Betta fish are tropical fish, and in such, require about the same temperature range for their tank as other pet fish. However, betta temperature has to be regulated more closely, with few spikes or drops. Betta fish are highly susceptible to disease, more so than most other pet fish, and almost all of the diseases they catch are brought on by stress. Betta temperature fluctuation is a common cause of stress in these beautiful fish, and can easily be removed altogether by following a few simple rules.

1 – 3 to 5 watts per gallon

When purchasing a programmable heater, make sure that it is strong enough to provide the correct Betta temperature of 78 to 82 degrees. As long as you buy one that has 3 to 5 watts per gallon of Betta tank size, you will be fine. This ensures it is able to handle severe temperature drops should something go wrong. Sometimes, people forget to leave the heat on when they are going away for a couple of days, and a weak heater will freeze your fish dead.

2 – Manually check the temperature daily

Do not trust your heater! Manually check the Betta temperature every day. Just because you have a programmable heater with a thermostat does not mean it will last forever. Nothing made by man does. By manually checking the temperature at different times each day, you will find out how your Betta tank is faring. If you only checked it at night, you would not realize that sun from a window is heating the tank to a dangerous level during the day, for example.

3 – Backup thermometer

Your heater is on of thousands that are mass produced every day. Can you imagine the odds against every heater being perfect? Betta temperature should be double-checked by placing a small inexpensive floating thermometer in the tank. When you check the temperature on the heater’s display, check the thermometer’s too. I can not tell you how many times in the last twenty years I have had to replace a faulty heater, and I never would have known had I not purchased a backup thermometer.

Buying a good programmable heater is a great step towards providing the right Betta temperature for your fish. But it is only the first step. Consistently checking the temperature, and verifying it on a backup thermometer will guarantee you provide a healthy, warm home for your Betta Splendens.

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