Betta Bowls – Should I Get a Bigger Betta Tank?

Betta Bowls – Should I Get a Bigger Betta Tank ?
By Elizabeth Christopher

Betta bowls and pet stores go hand in hand. Fish stores can pack a lot of fish in a small area when they put them in these tiny betta bowls. But is this really a suitable betta tank? Think of it like this. How would you like to live in a ten foot by ten foot room with little air circulation, and no furniture, TV, computer, etc.? That is just how your fish feels. He can live in a small bowl, but his lifespan will be shortened, and he will never be all that he can be.

Betta bowls are often the only home a betta sees, because the person purchasing figures that the pet store must know what they are doing. “Why should I have to purchase a larger, more expensive betta tank when the professionals at the store house them in small round bowls?” you think. Well believe me, if they could get away with that with all their fish, they would.

The only reason all the fish in the store are in tanks instead of betta bowls is that most fish require water circulation to supply oxygen. Betta fish have a labyrinth organ in their head which allows them to exist in a habitat which has almost no air/water mixture. They can even survive an extended time out of the water entirely! Because of this ability, betta bowls end up being the way that the fish are housed, because it is the least expensive option possible.

Look at a betta the next time you see one in a tiny, cramped bowl. He is hardly moving, is dark in color, and looks lifeless. Now, watch one in a betta tank. If you do not know where to see one, go to YouTube and nose around until you see one in a nice five or 10 gallon betta tank. He is alert, his colors are more vivid, he appears healthier, he is interacting with his environment. He looks like a much more alive fish!

This is because he is more alive. The more stimuli you supply a betta fish, the more his personality grows. He will even start to recognize you as separate from other people. The experience he receives from his move to a bigger betta tank will actually help extend his lifespan, as well. In thanks for saving him from one of those tiny betta bowls, he will supply you with years of pleasure.

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Elizabeth Christopher


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