Betta Mating – The Bubble Nest Betta Way !

Betta mating at times seems to be a guaranteed outcome. Your bubble nest betta male has made his nest, the betta female is responding favorably to his amorous advances, and then nothing. What went wrong? Why was this betta mating endeavor a failure? Let’s see just what is needed for successful betta mating for the bubble nest betta.

1 – Size Does Matter!

If your betta mating efforts do not plan out, it may be because your male is too young or small to be a successful bubble nest betta dad. Keep in mind that he needs to be at least three and a half months old, and also at least an inch in length. So I guess size really does matter in the betta mating world. The male also needs to be larger than the female so he can wrap his body around hers in the breeding process.

2 – Drop the Betta Temperature to Heat Things Up!

Lowering the temperature of your betta tank from 80 degrees to a range from 76 – 78 degrees will heighten the chances of successful betta mating. Something about the lower betta temperature gets these fish ready to cuddle and snuggle, and is a prerequisite for the bubble nest betta to deliver fry.

3 – Pour on The Calories!

The betta mating process requires a lot of energy to be expended, so make sure you are feeding your fish extra for a week or two before you introduce them to your mating tank. Overfeeding can be deadly, as bettas can develop Betta Dropsy disease. Just slowly ramp up their feeding, and you will be fine.

4 – Separate Before You Consummate!

Your bubble nest betta male and betta female should be kept in different tanks, but next to each other so they can see each other. Keep an opaque board or sheet between the two tanks, and remove every two or three days and watch their behavior. If the betta female shows her vertical bars (a deep vertical striping on her body), her dorsal fin is erect, and looks in the direction of the male, she is ready.

5 – Blow Some Bubbles Daddy!

Everything at this point is a go, as long as the male has created a bubble nest in his tank. After the pair sees each other and seem to be getting after each other, he should start to create a nest of bubbles at the surface of his water.

6 – Introducing Mr and Mrs Bubble Nest Betta!

Now you are ready to introduce the pair to the spawning tank. Have some sort of structure in the tank so the betta female can hide from the male if she needs to. Introduce the female first, and put her behind a transparent barrier. Add the male, turn the heat to 81 – 82 degrees, and watch for the male to create his bubble nest. After he has done this, remove the barrier, and consider your betta mating a success.

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