10 Little Known Betta Facts

Betta fish are one of the most loved, most popular fish in the hobby. But there are some betta facts that some betta owners do not know.

Betta Facts #1

Betta Splendens means “Splendid Betta”?

Betta Facts #2

The King of Siam gave a breeding pair of bettas to Teddy  Cantor in 1840, and he named them Betta Splendens?

Betta Facts #3

Betta fish are named after a fierce Siamese warrior clan called BETTAH?

Betta Facts #4

In 1896 some pairs made their way to Germany, and these fish were instrumental in the explosion in Germany?

Betta Facts #5

In 1910 several pairs were sent to a Californian, and the betta craze in America began?

Betta Facts #6

The double tail betta is a genetic mutation, not a seperate species?

Betta Facts #7

A little salt can actually help this freshwater fish live longer?

Betta Facts #8

Only the male of the species fights?

Betta Facts #9

Betta fish fighting is still popular in Asia today?

Betta Facts #10

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Elizabeth Christopher


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